What Extra Equipment Can Dealers Offer for the Mercedes C-Class?

If you buy a Mercedes-Benz C-Class compact executive estate then dealers in the United Kingdom will offer you a choice of three different trim levels, each of which includes a different range of features and equipment.

The basic trim level for an entry level Mercedes-Benz C-Class car is called SE. Although this is the lowest level it does already include a reasonable range of equipment such as parking sensors on both the front and the rear of the vehicle, an electric powered tailgate, electric windows in the front and the back, a multi-function steering wheel, scratch resistant paint on the outside, automatic lights, automatic rain-sensing wipers and a dual-zone climate control system.

The next level up from the basic SE trim is called Elegance. If you choose to pay the extra money to upgrade to this level then your car is fitted with all of the equipment listed above for the SE trim, as well as an upgraded interior featuring improved lighting, higher quality detailing, and Artico artificial leather upholstery for the seats.

At the top of the range the highest trim level is called Sport. This level comes sports seats in the front, a Nappa leather trimmed flat-bottom steering wheel, a different set of wheels and sportier detailing both inside and outside of the vehicle.

In addition to the three different trim levels there is also an extra option to fit your new C-Class car with Mercedes’ Advanced Agility system. This system gives you two different driving settings, called Comfort and Sport. Dealers in the UK are able to fit this system to any new C-Class car, and it works by adjusting the settings of a range of different mechanical systems across the vehicle to deliver either the fastest and most aggressive performance that the engine is capable of, or the smoothest, most comfortable and most economical driving experience, depending on which setting you choose.