Other Models - The Mercedes CLS

Mercedes has actively sought to design a car for every niche in the market. For every buyer there is a Mercedes that could suit your taste in cars. That’s probably why Mercedes are everywhere. Mercedes has manufactured everything from hatchbacks to limousines, and everything in-between. The Mercedes CLS is what the company calls their four-door coupe. Mercedes is hoping to catch buyers attention with the cars attractive looks and unique design.

The car market is full of unique cars boasting innovative ideas and designs. The Mercedes CLS  is based primarily on traditional executive motoring but its exterior style and interior feel is anything but traditional.

The company realizes that a coupe is only supposed to have two doors but relishes the fact that their coupe has four doors and a saloon styled boot. The car’s sloping roof is definitely coupe material, and the car’s distinct features set it apart from the competition.

Buyers will not be disappointed in the CLS. The Mercedes CLS comes with a high level of standard equipment, and the car’s kit levels are determined by engine size, making the CLS 55 AMG the top model. The less pricy CLS 500 is the next best choice. The car’s leather upholstery gives the cabin a really nice feel.


The CLS is an expensive car both to buy and maintain. The petrol engines aren’t efficient but if you opt for the diesel fuel economy will be much improved. With many options and upgrades available, the CLS will not be cheap.

Head and legroom is very limited in the rear seats, making it uncomfortable for long trips especially for adult passengers. Although more spacious than the rear, the front passengers are still limited on space. The CLS has a boot that is large enough for average sized items, but obviously won’t accommodate really large items.

The CLS has redeemed the company’s reputation for having great build quality. All the instrumentation has a weighted feel. The gauges are easily read and all the controls are functional and practical. With the exception of the COMAND system which utilizes a multitude of buttons.

The ride is a bit more rigid, but it doesn’t sacrifice a smooth, comfortable feel. The low, sloping roofline does make it a bit uncomfortable for taller passengers in the back seats. Front passengers, however, will enjoy the wide plush seats.

The front passengers will have no problem getting into, or out, of the CLS. For the rear passengers however, this is not the case. With the low roof, and small door apertures, tall passengers will have a more difficult time accessing the cabin.

The CLS is a bit hard to reverse into a parking space due to the fact that the driver sits low and rear visibility is limited. Parking sensors may be a good investment. However, judging distances forward is easy because the view is clear and unobstructed.     

Life Style

The CLS was designed to be a sporty car. The engine range is geared toward delivering a sporty ride, especially the AMG 5.5-litre unit. Acceleration is rapid and the engine makes a cool noise when accelerating rapidly. The other engine models aren't slow either, and the seven-speed auto gearbox shifts gears smoothly. Overall the car delivers an impressive ride.

The CLS may be able to seat a smalll family, but this is not a family car. The CLS was designed for the driver who doesn’y have a family. The car's interior was not designed to be kid friendly. The nice upholstery would be easily ruined by dirty hands. The car could possibly work for an older family.

The CLS would not make an ideal first car. The car comes with a hefty asking price and high running costs. The car offers too much performance potential for a novice driver, and insurance rates are likely to be high as well.

Mercedes has come under fire in recent years for a noticeable lack of quality. The CLS does not have any of the quality issues that some of the more recent models have faced. This will do a lot to help Mercedes fix its image for past quality issues.

Security and Safety

The CLS comes with the typical remote lock and anti theft package. However the car is a head turner and buyers may want to opt for a visual deterrent as well. Mercedes’ keyless entry package,is optional but will save you the hassle of having to look for your keys.

Boasting the newest kit, the CLS comes with airbags, traction control and stability control. Buyers looking for safety will be quite happy with the car’s level of safety.

The Finishing Touches

The CLS comes standard with a good sound system that delivers good sound quality. Remote controls on the steering wheel are helpful, and the sat-nav system is also helpful once you get the hang of using it.

The CLS looks best  in glossy metallic exterior colours. Dark reds and silver look the best, although black adds a look of mystery.  Inside, the various wood and chrome accents around the cabin add a high quality feel.


The CLS is a saloon with its four door design. The company has given it a unique sporty quality which exceeds anything that fellow saloons have on offer. The car also boasts a high quality cabin that also far surpasses the other saloons. This is a great car for the driver who needs saloon practicality but also desires a sporty ride.