Mercedes-Benz C-Class Review

The Mercedes' C-Class Sports Coupe is a classy hatch with lots of functionality and a very popular three-point badge. The C-Class coupe gets dismissed as being less than worthy of the Mercedes badge. It is small in size and fairly inexpensive and doesn’t fit into the usual Mercedes mold.

It’s kind of funny because despite what the critics say, sales of premium hatchbacks are on the rise. The Mercedes C-Class Sports Coupe is a great alternative for people who have the money to spend but don’t want a traditional Ford Focus or the equivalent.

The car is attractive and has no problem turning heads. The car is expensive for a hatch but it does offer an outstanding standard safety kit. The safety kit does cost the buyer in the way of comfort, but most of the comfort items are offered as cost options, and will be fairly pricey to add on.

Along with the practicality of the car’s hatchback shape buyers get the benefit of an engine with plenty of pep and produces a nice turn of speed. The diesel engine options provide great performance but tend to be a little noisy.


This is an expensive car to purchase. The car comes with a low standard level of equipment so cost options will probably be inevitable and will raise the price significantly as well. The diesel variant will provide better fuel economy, and the car should maintain decent resale value.

Front seat passengers will find the cabin comfortable. Space is not plentiful even for front seat passengers but it is adequate and provides reasonable comfort. Rear passengers will not be comfortable for long journeys or prolonged periods of time due to the seriously limited passenger space. The car’s boot is a decent size and is a good size for storing many items.

The car provides adequate comfort for front seat passengers with plenty of head and legroom. All the seats are supportive and comfortable, but rear passengers should be children, otherwise it could become uncomfortable very quickly. Road and wind noise are minimized, but the diesel engine can be heard all too frequently.

Front seat passengers shouldn’t have any problems accessing the car’s cabin. The doors open wide and access is fairly straightforward. The seats sit low and may pose a problem for some passengers. Rear access is severely limited. Only small children can easily access the rear seats, and egress is even more difficult. The car’s boot is easily accessible and doesn’t pose any problems.

This is not the easiest car to park. The car is short enough, but limited rear visibility and heavy steering make it difficult to park at times. The good news is that parking sensors do appear on the options list.

Life Style

Mercedes C-Class was not designed to be an all-out sports car, but it delivers an enjoyable ride especially at higher speeds. The car's steering becomes more communicative at higher speeds, and the ride is generally firm but not too harsh. The diesel engine is worth considering for additional pulling power.

This is not a very practical family car. It’s too small to handle the rigors of full-blown family life. It would be an excellent second car or commuter car. The car is limited as to what family duties could be performed.

This car would be a practical first car except that it is costly to purchase. There are less costly options available that offer a higher level of standard equipment. Realistically very few new drivers could afford the C-Class, especially after checking off the options list.

This is one of the most attractive premium hatches on the market. Most Mercedes are sold based on looks and style, and the fact that they sport the Mercedes badge, so this car should do well in terms of sales.

Security and Safety

Mercedes have tremendous curb appeal. The C-Class comes equipped standard with a security alarm and engine immobiliser along with remote central locking. An aftermarket tracking device may be a worthwhile investment.

The car comes with twin front, side and window airbags. The car also comes with anti-lock brakes, ESP and electronic skid control. A first aid kit is also included with two, three point seatbelts.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard radio and single CD player is a decent system, but the display can be difficult to read in direct sunlight. Luckily, basic readout is available through the car's trip computer display. Steering wheel mounted controls are available for the driver’s convenience. Upgrades include a separate CD changer and two types of sat-nav.

The Sports Coupe looks good in any of the available colors. Bright colors add a youthful look while black adds a more premium look. Inside the cabin is comprised of mostly dark colors, but chrome and silver accents can be added, and leather upholstery is optional.

The C-Class’ exterior style shows an unmistakeable family resemblance to the rest of the Mercedes line. The car is very appealing thanks to its sporty look and trendy yet functional hatch. The car delivers a smooth and refined ride but is limited on its passenger carrying capabilities.